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Neverland Bar is an exclusive downtown city venue for private events.
In addition to premium gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, and craft beer, you will find reimagined cocktails - sheer excitement and wonder in a cocktail glass.

Private Room

Our exclusive look, unique environment, and personalized services create a truly VIP atmosphere for our special guests and make for an exceptional experience.

Inquiries: info@neverland.hu

Escape Rooms

Neverland is the perfect example of why the image of the "stubborn Hungarian" will never change. Why? Because the escape rooms - Hungarian real-time adventure games - are currently one of Budapest's main tourist attractions, alongside the ruins.
You find the experience here unmatchable and will be rewarded with excitement and laughter.

The VR Experience

Virtual reality is part of the fascinating world of interactive entertainment. Technology brings you into an elusive, surreal realm, removing the lines between reality and fiction.
From the moment you pick up your VR Glasses, you forget the world around you while you fall into another world.