Bachelor party Budapest – Special activities at Neverland

After proposing and getting a ‘yes’ as an answer, what could be the best that can happen to the fiancé? The bachelor party of his life in Budapest, of course! We’re here to help you organize some outstanding activities before The Big Day. Would you like to chill in a VIP Private Room with a glass of top-shelf whiskey or would you like to get crazy and create the 4th part of The Hangover movie?
You can do both at Neverland.

Unique bachelor party ideas in Budapest, courtesy of Neverland

Wanna have a great time in the capital of Hungary? That’s easy, just make a reservation at Neverland! We can offer you different bachelor party ideas during your stay in Budapest.

And if you cannot make a decision, you can choose ALL OF THEM!

  • Our bachelor party activities include a total of 8 escape rooms you can tackle together. Let’s see if the young bachelor and his gang are up for the challenge!
  • Don’t worry, we’re also here to supply you with enough drinks to guarantee a relaxed and carefree atmosphere during your bachelor party in Budapest. You can taste one of the largest selections of cocktails and spirits in the city!
  • Our American-style restaurant also serves plenty of popular bistro dishes, finger food as well as delicious main dishes (burgers, burritos, and more) to make sure you can keep the party going!

We also offer a variety of other services you can request for your bachelor party depending on how many of you there are, such as an unlimited beverage package, beer and gin tonic gift packages, a buffet menu, and even a tasting of strong and fruity palinka.

(What is palinka you ask? It’s essentially the local brandy we like to drink as shots before, during, and after meals).

Bachelor party in escape rooms? Budapest won’t disappoint with its selection!

A good bachelor party in Budapest begins during the day and the peak of it arrives at night. There’s plenty of time to get drunk, so before you take a deep dive into the notoriously epic nightlife of the capital of Hungary, choose one of our escape rooms for your bachelor party, and take the fiancé to an adventure he won’t soon forget!

  1. Does he like scary things? Then you can test his courage in one of the scariest horror escape rooms in Budapest – THE SCHIZOPHRENIC SERIAL KILLER ROOM!
  2. Is he a big fan of the Wild West? Then let him live out his cowboy fantasy in our Wild West escape room for his bachelor party!
  3. Does he agree that “Chernobyl” is one of the best HBO series ever? Make your bachelor party in Budapest even more thrilling by escaping the Chernobyl reactor room before time runs out and save Europe!
  4. Does he crave the mysticism of ancient civilizations? Make him find the crystal in our Aztec Catacomb before you all become human sacrifices!
  5. Feel like testing your brotherhood by breaking out of jail together? Make his bachelor party in Budapest a triumph by helping him solve our Jailbreak escape room!
  6. Is he ready to fight for his mental sanity? Let him prove it by trying his luck in our Insane Asylum escape room!
  7. Does he read Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings each summer? Let him test his magical powers in Neverland’s Wizard Trials escape room!
  8. Is Money Heist in his TOP 5 favorite series? Let him awaken his inner rebel and help him steal Spanish state secrets!

Well, you know him the best. Choose the one that he’ll enjoy for sure!

EXTRA TIP FROM NEVERLAND: Are you planning to give a special gift to the fiancé? YES? Just let us know in advance so we can hide your surprise in the escape room you’ve chosen for his bachelor party.

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You’ve found one of the top cocktail bars for your bachelor party in Budapest!

Celebrate your escape room trials in Neverland’s prime cocktail bar for your bachelor party in Budapest – this evening cannot be complete without a healthy number of drinks!

We have special cocktails (over 100 different variations), beers, wines as well as a wide variety of rums, whiskeys, gins, and other spirits from around the world.

Unable to choose? No problem, we’ve got your back! Ask for the “bartender’s choice” to help you choose your favorite cocktail, order a spirit tasting to find out which one you like best, but you can also go all out and ask for our unlimited drink package too!

Karaoke bachelor party in Budapest: Sing out loud!

Are you the kind of man who likes shouting…er, singing? You can easily turn your bachelor party into a karaoke party in our VIP private room. Turn the fiancé into a rock star for a night in Budapest! Party to your favorite songs, but be careful! The groom has to be able to speak on his wedding day (or just risk it, it’s okay).

Bachelor party in an American-style restaurant: eat in Budapest like there’s no tomorrow!

No man shall starve during your bachelor party at our restaurant – we’ll make sure you get all the stamina you need to enjoy the nightlife of Budapest!

Whether you’d just like some snacks and finger food to go with your drink, or a large hamburger, burrito, or Cubano sandwich, Neverland’s American-style restaurant can provide many different appetizing dishes prepared freshly onsite. Enjoy!

VIP bachelor party in Budapest: Enter Neverland’s Private Room!

You can make this VIP bachelor party very special for the fiancé with Neveland’s own private men’s club, reminiscent of Victorian cigar lounges. In this VIP room, you can try special whiskey brands like the Bunnahabhain Ice Cream Shack 1990 (which you can only try here in Hungary), the Japanese Nikka whiskies, Johnny Walker Blue Label, or the famed Macallan single malt Scotch.
Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of other fine bottles in store if whiskey is not your thing, such as the 14-year-old Diplomatico Ambassador rum, the Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, or the vintage Dom Pérignon champagne!

Your bachelor party in the center of Budapest: find Neverland’s Escape Room Bar and Restaurant

Whether you’re coming by limousine or public transport, you can get to your bachelor party’s location easily.

Neverland is at 22-24. Dohány Street, the heart of Budapest. We’re only 10 minutes of walk away from Deák tér, Astoria, Kálvin tér or Ferenciek tere.

Also, there are parking places right in front of our entrance, but pay attention, because you need to pay a parking fee between 8.00 am – 10.00 pm.

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