So, your friend proposed to his girlfriend and got ‘yes’ as an answer. That’s great! Probably you, as his friends, are happy and sad at the same time, hoping he’ll be happy in his marriage, but won’t neglect you either. Well, organize him the party of his life, that he will always remember. We brought you some really fun bachelor party ideas ranging from the relaxing to the really hardcore ones. You know him best, choose the one that he’s going to enjoy the most.

bachelor party ideas in Budapest

Relaxing bachelor party ideas 

Is he a calm guy who wouldn’t appreciate wild things? It’s totally fine, you still have plenty of possibilities. You just need to choose from some proper bachelor party ideas.

Yacht Cruise 

Being on a ship is always fun, so try out a luxury yacht cruise on the nearest river or lake. Don’t forget to add to the celebration your favourite drinks and foods. As you will be the only group on that yacht, you can enjoy your own music and laugh out loud. On some cruises you can even take your swimwear and jump from the boat. Just make sure that it’s possible in advance, cause on a river it’s likely forbidden because of the strong current.

Exhibition or Museum 

Do you guys have a common interest? Cool, look for an exhibition in that theme. At a fascinating exhibition you can spend 2 or 3 hours and you can discuss your opinions about the exhibited pieces. Eventually, after a fun day at a museum, you can have a delicious dinner at your favourite restaurant, or have some drinks at your preferred bar. Preferably both 🙂

Adventurous bachelor party ideas 

While relaxing programs are mostly for calm people, the following bachelor party ideas will be a bit different. Choose one of these if the fiancé thrives on adrenaline and always seeks the next adventure.

Neverland Escape Room as one of the most exciting bachelor party ideas 

What could be more exciting than escaping from a schizophrenic serial killer? Too much? No worries, you can choose the Magic World or the Wild West instead. Check out Neverland’s escape rooms and find the one you would enjoy the most. Afterwards, you can celebrate your success in our bar and restaurant. You can even reserve our Private Room where the group can have some privacy and enjoy their favourite drinks and snacks.


Open the world map, close your eyes and poke somewhere on it. There you go, your next destination. Okay, certainly it’s too random, but why not choose a foreign country to explore? Buy your plane tickets, book the accommodation and just go with the flow. Spontaneous trips are a guarantee for a superb time that you never forget. Besides, it is more fun to give tasks to the fiancé in a foreign country.

Shooting practice

Did you use to play with your toy guns as children? Well, now that you’re all adults, what about trying out real ones? There are several places where you can shoot with guns like AK47, Glock 19, M4 Pro rifle and many others. You can even compete with each other. Let’s see which one of you can hit the most bullseye. Attention! Shooting with real guns is risky, make sure you all go there sober.

Test Driving 

Excellent idea for car enthusiasts that is quite different as adults when you can do it in the real world. Some driving tracks even offer cool sports cars to try. Driving them is an adrenaline rush as there is no speed limit this time. You can drive these cars on separate tracks especially built for this purpose. It’s another type of fun where you can compete. At some places you’re allowed to take part in a race with each other, while at other places everyone has his own round and eventually you can check who was the fastest.

adrenaline bachelor party ideas

Besides sports cars you have other options for extreme vehicles as well. If you are more into driving a real tank, go for it! Or would you rather have a karting race? Choose your favourite and if you can’t decide, go and try all of them. This day is about the fiancé and you, his best friends. No need to have limits that day.

‘Out of the Comfort Zone’ bachelor party ideas

Unlike the previous two versions of programs, these are going to take you out of your comfort zone. Let’s see the wild bachelor party ideas!

Tandem skydiving

Do you know if the fiancé desires something wild and full of adrenaline? Then push him out of an airplane. Not literally: take him for a tandem skydiving! It’s an experience that he will never forget. All the brave members of the group can jump as well. You can ask for a professional to take a video during the “fall”. Make it the bachelor party of the year.

Piloting Plane

Well, you don’t need to jump out of a plane, there is another way of enjoying flying. Did you know you can even fly an actual airplane? An experienced pilot will sit next to you, but the control is in your hands. It’s a serious job to do, so of course you cannot drink alcohol before it. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time for it after.

 We hope you are closer to making a decision by now. Make sure you book an appointment for the chosen program in advance, because they all are popular and sometimes these activities are fully booked for weeks. Pay attention! Most of these (e.g. shooting, car driving, plane driving etc.) are not allowed when you’re drunk, so try to manage your agenda accordingly.