Bachelorette party ideas: an unforgettable girls’ night out

Having an engaged friend is exciting, maybe even a bit scary, regardless of how obviously happy you are for the bride-to-be. Before the wedding though, you and your friends have an important job! It’s time to organize a fun girls’ night out. Forget the usual boring bachelorette party programs– choose something better, something more thrilling. Luckily for you, we have some help for you on that front. Here, then, are some bachelorette party ideas ranging from some relaxing to the wild, and a few in between. Read on to find the best party plans for your bride-to-be!

Relaxing Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette party ideas in Budapest

A Long Spa Day

It’s time to let your hair down, girls! Think about it–a whole day spent sitting in a jacuzzi and the sauna. Getting a massage and relaxing with cucumbers on your eyes, just like in movies. Doesn’t that sound great? Find a place where you can book appointments, and forget about all your problems. Engage in relaxed chit-chat, or deep conversations. Let the bride talk about her wedding dress and her plans for The Big Day. You all deserve a whole day of pampering.

Eating Out

You don’t necessarily need to do anything extreme to have a good time. Sometimes a delicious meal and the proper company are enough. Book a table at your favourite restaurant, have some drinks, and enjoy yourselves. If you choose a tapas bar, for example, you can order a wide variety of dishes, and share them. And don’t forget–you don’t have to go home when the restaurant closes. Find a nice bar and get your drink on!

Sleepover Party? Why Not?

You don’t even have to leave the house to have a fun night. Movies, popcorn and pajamas, just like old times. Sounds fun, right? Grab some snacks, download your favourite movies and watch them all until you fall asleep. You’ll be sure to talk and laugh a lot.

Horse Riding

Do you like nature and animals? Then here’s the perfect program for the group where you can have a bit of both. Even if no one in your group has experience riding horses, there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re not a born rider, an expert will ride with the group, and make sure you keep a steady hold on the reins. You can even pay for a photographer to take beautiful pictures to be put in an album or shown to guests on the wedding day.

Adventurous Bachelor Party Ideas


Whether or not you can carry a tune, a karaoke night is always a funny and memorable experience. There are many cool karaoke places where you can even book a table. Don’t be shy, don’t worry about what others might think. In fact everyone is there for the same reason–having a fun night. It’s the bride’s night, and your’s as well. Just sing your heart out, and enjoy every moment of it.

Escape Room

Escape room games can be really exciting as a bachelorette party program. In Neverland Budapest you can choose from a variety of rooms. Will you find the recipe for a potion in a magical world, or would you rather  try to escape from the clutches of a schizophrenic serial killer? Caution! The rooms are very realistic, so think twice which one you choose. A program like this can get you closer to each other.

If you have a gift for the bride, just let the staff know, so they can hide it in the chosen room. And after escaping successfully, you can have a nice meal and some beverages in Neverland’s bar and restaurant.

bachelorette party ideas in Budapest


Travelling can be both relaxing and adventurous, depending on what destination you choose. Are you in the mood to go hiking into the mountains, exploring a big city or chilling on a beach? Find a nice place, book accommodations, hop in the car or onto a train, and go. You don’t even need to go abroad to have a good time.

Have a Photoshoot!

Girls, get dressed, because you are about to create a literally unforgettable bachelorette party. Choose a nice place–it can be a favourite venue of the group, or perhaps just a big field in full bloom. Hire a photographer to capture all your fun moments. After the shoot, you can even put together a beautiful photo album to commemorate your time together.

Let’s See The Extreme Ones

bachelorette party ideas in Budapest

So you’re not in the mood for a relaxed bachelorette party? Would you do something that pulls you out of your comfort zone? Well, here are some bachelorette party ideas for the adrenaline seekers out there.


Who said that putting the pedal to the metal in a sports car is only for men? Are you longing for some adrenalin? There are some places where you can try actual sports cars– and even compete. Which one of you drives the best? Which one of you is the fastest? Go and find out!


Gather the tents and sleeping bags, because we have an idea for you. Find a camping place far from everything. Make a safe bonfire in the proper way at night, while your musical friend grabs her guitar, as you all enjoy your night under the stars.


It doesn’t get much more extreme than this.  What could be more unforgettable than jumping out of a plane, thousands of meters off the ground? I’m sure you will talk about it for years to come. At parachuting places you can ask for a video recording service, so your entire “flight” will be recorded for posterity. You can even play it on the wedding day so all the guests can see what a fun day of adventure you had.


Everyone thinks that only little boys like playing with toy guns. But let’s admit, all the little girls played with them too. Now as you’re all grown ups, what about “playing” with real guns? Book an appointment for shooting, and make your bachelorette party really hardcore. It’s a program where you can compete too. Who’s the best shooter? Who can hit a bullseye?