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One of Budapest’s greatest selection of drinks
and Unique food specialties

Sprawling downtown nightlife in the heart of Budapest.


Sprawling downtown nightlife in the heart of Budapest.


Rustic food with a touch of the whole world – all served in Neverland style.

Classic restaurant with good rustic dishes inspired by mainly American cuisine. Enjoy the food seated in soft, comfortable chairs in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Neverland bar Budapest

You deserve the best. Even if it’s „only” a coffee or a quick drink.

Neverland is all about being free and cool, but if there’s something we’re deadly serious about, it is the quality of our services. For example, our barista carefully inspects each coffee bean before loading it to the grinder. Sounds extreme? Maybe – but this is the only way we can assure the highest quality to you.

The same obsession applies to our drink selection as well. Our shelves boast unique bottles of gin, vodka, whisky and rum from all around the world, and we also have excellent beers and wines to offer. Apart from classic cocktails, you’ll get a chance to taste the specialties of Neverland – needless to say, quality ingredients are a given with these drinks as well.

Neverland restaurant Budapest

An urban restaurant with rustic food and a touch of the USA.

Even the good old fish and chips receives a special treatment in Neverland: we add traditional tartar sauce, lemon and scrumptious spices to the mix. We don’t simply serve juicy American burgers: order a French breakfast, some hot snacks like Jalapeno Poppers or Calamari Fritti or simply some salad with a unique dressing and toppings.

Budapest étterem restaurant Neverland hús

And to make your dining experience truly memorable, just order a scrumptious dessert – like our traditional Italian cannoli – and wash everything down with a customized lemonade or juice (and, of course, you can always go back to our drink selection as well).

If you’re gluten or lactose intolerant, just let us know about it upon making the reservation, so that our chef can greet you with a personalized dish at Neverland.

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