Cocktail bar

Neverland is waiting for you not just with fun, but with delicious food and a cool cocktail bar where you can taste special gins, vodkas, whiskies, and rums from all around the world. Make a reservation today!

Cocktail bar at Neverland

Our bar in Budapest is not just an ordinary bar. Let’s talk about the drinks first. At Neverland’s cocktail bar you can try some specialties: rums, gins, vodkas, and whiskies from all around the world. Do you prefer something else? Well, you can also taste excellent beers, wines and of course cocktails. What’s more, you don’t necessarily have to drink alcohol. We can offer you a cup of delicious and high-quality coffee as well.

Okay, we’ve already talked about the drinks enough, I think. It’s time to talk about the cocktail bar itself. We didn’t only put a lot of effort in the drinks that we offer but also the appearance of the bar. We provide comfortable seats so you can enjoy your meal and drink fully. Beside that we put on some cool neon lights that makes you get in a special mood.

Events to celebrate in Neverland's cocktail bar

First of all, you don’t even need an occasion for that. Would you fancy a drink or meal with a friend? Reserve a table and come!

Aren’t you the ‘just sitting in a bar for a drink’ type of person? It’s okay, let’s find some occasions then. What about having a great fun with friends or family members in our escape rooms? Getting out in time can be a reason to celebrate. Or is your friend birthday approaching? You can organize a cool party at Neverland for them. You can even have your bachelor/bachelorette party at Neverland.

Bar in Budapest - reasons why you should choose us

We are in the city center 

Whatever way you choose to come, it will be easy and fast to find us. Neverland is located in Dohány street, which is close to Deák Ferenc tér, Astoria, Ferenciek tere or Kálvin tér as well. Close means approximately 10 minutes. And if you’re planning to arrive by car, we have parking places right in front of the entrance. In this case though you have to pay attention, because you have to pay a parking fee between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm. Even you can come by your own bike or MOL Bubi, which you can also leave near Dohány street and pick up again after you had a lot of fun.

We are a pet friendly place 

One of your friends is a cute fluffy one? It’s okay, you don’t have to leave them at home. They deserve to have fun as well, so bring your pet to Neverland. Maybe they can help you escape the rooms or clean up the leftovers of your meal. If they are obedient and want to take part in the adventure, let them.

VIP room 

You can even reserve our private room if you prefer to have fun with your friends alone.

Our bar is only open at the following times:

Monday - Thursday: 17:00-22:00
Friday - Saturday: 12:00-00:00
Sunday: 12:00-22:00

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IMPORTANT: Completing the form does not constitute a final booking, only a booking request. The booking will be considered final if you have received a confirmation email from us that we have a table available for you at the time indicated.

We can send you our reply on weekdays between 10:00-18:00, so if you would like to reserve last minute on a different time, please call us on the +36 20 406 6243 number.

Due to our corporate events and team buildings, we cannot accommodate birthdays under the age of 18 in our catering area, however, we still welcome children in our escape rooms! Thank you for your understanding!