Hen party Budapest – Things to do at Neverland

Has the question been popped? All that’s left to do is to organize the best hen party in Budapest with the gals! If you’re not sure about things to do in Hungary, fret not: Neverland is here to save the day before the wedding guests can save the date! Neverland’s hen party ideas include thrilling escape rooms, more than 100 cocktails by dedicated bartenders, a luxurious VIP room, and delectable dishes to savour together.

Hen party in Budapest: Neverland is a prime location in Hungary

If you’re looking for worthwhile hen party destinations in Europe, you’re going to need a place that can provide the perfect setting for such a lovely milestone. Budapest, the capital of Hungary stands out in particular.
This Eastern European city serves as the perfect backdrop for a weekend full of fun, leisure, and a healthy dose of mischief. Foreigners can choose from a multitude of classy clubs, pubs, restaurants, and wild activities that are perfectly suited for groups of friends, as well as a great choice of thermal baths, to recharge your body and soul after a successful night out.
And of course, another great reason to have your hen party in Budapest is Neverland’s Escape Room Bar and Restaurant, right in the heart of the city. We like to think that Neverland’s 5-star TripAdvisor rating speaks for itself.

Looking for the best hen party ideas and gifts in Budapest? Neverland to the rescue!

It can certainly be daunting to find the most creative hen party ideas and gifts for your trip abroad to Budapest, but you needn’t worry. Neverland’s unique blend of services allows you to mix and match a variety of gift packages and services to make sure the future bride leaves happy and fulfilled.

And if you truly want to go mental, you can choose ALL OF THEM!

FOR 10 GUESTS OR MORE: Take part in some premium wine or chocolate tasting, and don’t forget to try the local fruity spirit, palinka! This strong shot is guaranteed to make an impression on all of you!

Escape rooms for your hen do in Budapest: which one(s) will you choose?

Adding escape rooms to your hen party in Budapest is a marvellous idea. Feel the adrenaline rush that comes with solving puzzles within a 60-minute time limit! You can choose from 8 different movie-like settings – which one(s) will the future bride enjoy the most? 

NEVERLAND’S EXTRA TIP: If you want to surprise the bride with a gift, let us know! We can hide it in the escape room you choose for your hen do!

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Aztec Catacomb

Find the healing crystal before time runs out in this mystical, eerie crypt!


Earn your freedom, together!

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Insane Asylum

Budapest, 1956, soviet-era rubber room, shady experiments. Get out!

Wizard Trials

If Harry Potter is among her favourite book/movie series, she will love this one.

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Wild West

Cowgirls unite, it’s time for a heist!


An escape from a nuclear reactor room is certain to make your hen party in Budapest one to remember.

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Schizophrenic Serial Killer

How brave is the bride tribe? Brave enough for this?

Plan Budapest – Bank Robbery

Are you mental enough to steal Spanish state secrets? Fans of “Money Heist” will surely enjoy Neverland’s most recent escape room!

Hen do cocktail bar in Budapest: Over 100 options to choose from!

If you managed to escape from our exit games, you will all deserve a drink. If not, you still deserve one (or more) anyway. So why not toast to your best friend’s happiness in Neverland’s top-rated hen do cocktail bar in Budapest? We have one of the widest selections of drinks in the Hungarian capital, with more than 100 different cocktails for you to enjoy with the gals. And if you can’t choose, don’t hesitate to ask for the “bartender’s choice”, for a truly unique, off-the-menu cocktail according to your personal taste!

Karaoke hen party in Budapest: The stage is yours!

Yet another grand idea is to turn your hen party in Budapest into a karaoke night in Neverland’s VIP private room. Whether you can sing or not is widely irrelevant. The point is to sing your hearts out and cheer (or laugh uncontrollably) at each other’s performance. The challenge: trying to make sure the bride can still somewhat speak at her own wedding.

Hen party restaurant in Budapest: Food fit for the bride tribe

Looking for the perfect snack or meal to accompany your top-shelf cocktail or glass of wine? Neverland’s hen party restaurant in Budapest also operates as an American-style bistro, with all of our dishes prepared freshly onsite in our kitchen. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to make sure no one feels left out. Don’t hesitate to check out the menu to whet your appetite in advance!

Classy hen party ideas in Budapest: The Neverland VIP experience

It’s not every day your best friend is about to tie the knot. If you’re looking for some next-level ideas, why not indulge in Neverland’s VIP room for a classy hen party in Budapest? The perfect backdrop for a karaoke party in private with your friends, or to revel in luxury with some of our most premium spirits and wines. Enjoy the comfort of the Chesterfield couch and toast to a night you will never, ever forget.

How to find the location of your hen party easily in Budapest

Whether you and your girls are planning to make a fabulous entrance by limousine or would like to explore the Hungarian capital via public transport, you will be able to reach your hen party destination in Budapest without a hitch. Neverland’s Escape Room Bar and Restaurant is located at 22-24 Dohány Street, right in the city centre. We’re just a 10-minute walk from well-known bustling squares like Deák tĂ©r, Astoria, Kálvin tĂ©r, or Ferenciek tere. Thankfully, there are also parking places right in front of our entrance, but do remember to pay the parking fees between 8:00 am – 10:00 pm!

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