The theme might change, but the purpose won’t: once the door is closed and you hear the backstory, you have 60 minutes to escape. The key words are teamwork and logic. The vibes, furniture and smell of each room is surprisingly realistic, so expect to enter a whole world on its own – and it’s all up to you whether you want to experiment the Wild West, a insane asylum, a wizard school, a prison, Chernobyl, an aztec catacomb, or even a schizoprenic serial killer’s studio.


You can choose a three-course buffet with several dishes, or you can pick some of the finest finger food available – in the meantime, every colleague will surely find a drink to their liking at the bar. Want more? You can also try an escape room, enjoy karaoke, or even try a chocolate tasting!


Budapest’s newest Neapolitan-style pizzeria awaits you on the ground floor of Neverland! Would you like a sourdough Diavola pizza, an oven-baked lasagna with homemade pasta, or perhaps try our plate of Hungarian delicacies? Or you prefer something lighter? We have a suggest for that, too: we serve our roasted peach salad with goat cheese; this cannot be resisted. Homemade sourdough gold dumplings (“Aranygaluska”) with tonka bean vanilla sauce will definitely complete the experience!


We’re certain that you’ll find a drink that you love – just imagine yourself sipping it at a bar that fits your taste perfectly. Do you crave a special gin&tonic (we are very proud of our gin&tonic selection which is uniqe in Budapest), whisky, rum, vodka, a light or fiery wine, some beer specialties, or some of our signature cocktails? You’ll surely find your favorite drink.


Imagine a downtown apartment furnished just like a luxurious suite from the 60s – as you enter, the scent of oak, leather and cigars greet you. To make the experience complete, you’ll find a fireplace, a piano and a customized bar (plus you can even call a bartender to serve you the drinks).


Do you still remember how your childhood imaginary world looked like?

It was a place where you could retreat, a place where no one and nothing could enter, a place where you were surrounded by amazing things. Now that you’re an adult, you probably still have a similar dream world (with some of the details looking differently, but with the same purpose.

This is Neverland. Once you enter, you literally leave the dull weekdays behind, and as you find yourself in this dream realm, you feel like you’re at home.
You get to decide whether you want to sit at a country, or minimalistic bar while sipping your favorite drink; take a selfie that no one else can at the „normal is boring” corner; or just retreat to the Lovebox with your significant other. (You can also apart from enjoying quality drinks – sign up for a gastro adventure.)
If you’re looking for something out of this world, you’ll just love our escape rooms or VIP Lounge. 

We’re proud that we aren’t the only ones giving love to Neverland: over 500 TripAdvisor reviews give us an average score of almost 5.0.


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“Neverland – a must!”

“Such a stimulating game! Loved it, and the price is so reasonable! Highly recommend for a fun night out for all!”


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