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VIP private room Budapest Neverland


An exceptional experience.

Our exclusive look, unique environment, and personalized services create a truly VIP atmosphere for our special guests.


A vip private room straight from the movies

Once you enter this remote room from the back entrance, you’ll take a trip back to the past – and you’ll be swarmed by various impressions.

Just smell the smoked, oak parquet flooring and enjoy as it mixes with the scent of a Chesterfield couch and a tasty cigar – nothing over the top, just how you like it.

As you look at the furniture (including the leather sofa, the warm fireplace and the Kawai piano), your eyes settle on the bar, which is stacked with bottles of quality whisky.

Apart from the well-known premium brands (like Johnnie Walker Black Label), you’ll find unique bottles such as the 26 years old Bunnahabhain, which you can only buy in Neverland in Hungary. If you truly appreciate quality whiskey, you might have heard of this brand: this is the whiskey they produced on a tiny Scottish island back in 1990, and there are only 306 bottles available in the whole world.

Privát szoba szivar whisky budapest kóstolás Neverland

These drinks deserve the best serving as well: our Norlan glasses tone down the taste of ethanol, which pronounces the real flavor of the whisky. And if you prefer something on the rocks, just pour your drink in a Rauk Heavy glass to enjoy your whisky at its best.

Of course, you’ll also find excellent bottles of cognac, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and properly stored wines. Our wine cooler cools down each shelf to a different temperature, and it also moistens corks so that they don’t run dry.

The finest details aren’t for everyone

The Neverland VIP room is all about the details. We picked our lamps from designer stores and ordered our mirror from Germany, plus the paneling is entirely custom-planned and produced.

But that’s not all – as we strive for perfection, we also attended lectures on leather so that we can hand-pick the best materials for our sofa.

Nothing proves the quality standard and good taste better than the fact that our VIP room has hosted many Hollywood actors, crew members, politicians, or widely known Hungarian celebrities.

Each member of this small clientele visits the VIP room for a different reason. Some discuss business, while others just want to sit back and have some fun far from their stressful lives.

This is why we believe that our VIP room is not for everyone – and this is why we only give its security code for exceptional guests.

This private space is reserved for our VIP cardholders, which can be obtained through direct referral from Neverland, or applying for it via e-mail and waiting for approval.

Do you have any questions? Or just simply want to learn more about Neverland’s VIP private room?

Or special requests, please let us know.

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