Stag party Budapest – Ready for your stag do adventure in Neverland’s escape room bar?

We get it, you’re looking for the best stag party ideas in Budapest. We’re here to deliver!

With Neverland’s movie-like escape room activities, cocktail bar extravaganza with one of the largest selections in the capital of Hungary, a private VIP room where we even hosted Hollywood actors, and the opportunity to rent the entire venue for yourself, we’ve got you covered for a stag do in Budapest you’ll NEVER forget.

Stag weekend in Budapest: you made it, your epic party awaits!

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward creating a legendary stag do experience during your weekend in Budapest!

At Neverland, we understand the importance of this milestone event. The young stag must have the party of his life before he can face the trials and tribulations of married life. We offer a unique combination of 8 different thrilling escape room challenges, a vibrant cocktail bar, and mouth-watering, bistro-style dishes to make sure you have enough stamina for the night that follows. You won’t find another place like this in Budapest.

Conquer one of the most entertaining escape room challenges in Budapest for your stag do!

We are proud to be one of the most dedicated escape room bars not only in Budapest but in all of Hungary.

From frantic races against time based on Aztec catacombs (we went all the way to South America to record the video spot for that one), to scary horror escape rooms, you’ll have a wide range of choices to test the wit and limits of your team. Escape from jail, an insane asylum, a power plant in Chornobyl, or rob a bank reminiscent of the popular Spanish Netflix show “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist)! Don’t worry, seeing all 4 seasons is not a requirement for your heist to be successful.

Make sure to check out the complete list of our escape rooms in Budapest!

EXTRA TIP FROM THE NEVERLAND TEAM: If you’re planning on giving a special gift to the stag, let us know in advance, and we’ll hide it in the escape room you choose!

Stag do restaurant in Budapest: none of you shall starve during the party!

To make sure this noble event doesn’t end too early, Neverland’s escape room and cocktail bar also operates as a stag do restaurant in Budapest to provide steady nourishment for the famished members of your party.

From snacks and finger foods (we make our own nacho chips with dips) to hearty main courses that will satiate your bottomless hunger, boy will you get the stamina you need to keep the night going!

We enjoy Mexican and American-inspired dishes. Get yourself the Habanero or Truffle Deluxe double smash cheeseburger or try the tender shredded duck burrito!

Cocktail bar in Budapest: sip, savor, and celebrate your stag party!

After an adrenaline-pumping escape, head over to our exclusive cocktail bar to continue your stag party! We have one of the widest selection of cocktails in Budapest. We are especially proud of our gin tonics: you’ll see they take up quite a few pages of our menu. There are some drinks you won’t find anywhere else, as we have our own signature Neverland cocktails.

And if you’re not sure what you would enjoy among our huge choice of drinks, just tell us what kind of taste profiles you like. Our skilled Neverland mixologists will craft exquisite drinks to raise a toast to the stag’s upcoming wedding!

Elevate your stag do in Budapest to the next level: access our private VIP room!

Everyone imagines their last days as a single man differently. Among the many options Neverland provides, we also have an exclusive, private VIP room for your stag do in Budapest where you can invite up to 15 people. Sit back and relax on a comfortable Chesterfield couch and enjoy a special selection of high-end whiskey, gin, or rum tasting.

You can also use Neverland’s VIP room to organize your own private karaoke stag party! Just try and make sure your friend still has enough energy to speak at his own wedding (or not, we don’t judge).

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GO ALL OUT and unleash your stag party BEAST in Budapest: rent the entire venue for yourselves!

Neverland usually functions as a cocktail bar and restaurant with seated guests. HOWEVER, if you can get at least 50 guests for the happy fiancé’s stag party in Budapest, you can rent our ENTIRE venue to yourselves and party until the sun rises with live music and a DJ!

Reach your stag party location easily – Neverland is in the heart of Budapest

Whether you’re coming in a rented limo or via Budapest’s public transport, you’ll get to your stag party without a hitch, no worries. Neverland’s Escape Room and Cocktail Bar can be found at 22-24. Dohány Street in the city center. If you’re traveling on foot, it’s only a 10-minute walk from Deák tér, Astoria, Kálvin tér or Ferenciek tere. There are parking places right in front of our entrance if you’re getting here by car but be warned that you need to pay a parking fee between 8.00 am – 10.00 pm.

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