Teambuilding – just how you want it

Imagine a spirited teambuilding that – on the gloomy office days, accompanied by a cup of coffee – every colleague cherishes as a sweet memory. A teambuilding that you’d be happy to repeat anytime. This is exactly the type of experience we’re offering.

If you don’t want to go white water rafting, but you still prefer doing something more original than an awkward company dinner, Neverland is the right place for you. We provide you everything you need for a relaxing, chill event, thanks to all the unique drinks, food and events we have to offer.

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Team buliding experience

We could start off by referring to how important team buildings are for any company, but let’s be honest: these occasions are about our colleagues finally blowing off some steam.

The only way of doing this is by picking a venue that truly suits everyone’s needs.

csapatépítés budapest teambuilding

Team building full service, Budapest

While you might feel like you have too many options, you’d probably also agree that sometimes all you need is tasty meals and fine drinks in a not-so-commonplace environment. Or perhaps you are looking for adrenaline and excitement – just not in the form of extreme sports.

No matter what you choose, Neverland has a solution for all your needs.

As you close the door behind your back, you’ll feel like entering a wonderland for grown-ups. You get to decide where you’d go: a country bar, a minimalistic pub, or just a hip ruin pub.

Yes – all the above are in our selection.

Naturally, you get to make out the menu: you can either go with a three-course buffet or a fancier, Insta friendly finger food selection. If you choose the former, you’ll have a selection with 20-30 options (treats include pumpkin soup with chili, traditional fried chicken, and scrumptious brownies).

Apart from a wide selection for those with gluten and lactose intolerance, we also thought about vegetarians and vegans – just let us know about it in advance, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Neverland csapatépítés bár étterem Budapest team building

Let us show you Neverland in all its glory

We do not simply offer a gastro adventure: you get to sign up for a genuine tasting event as well. Be it wines or unique whiskies, you’ll find the most prominent brands from all around the world.

Participate in a whisky tasting event (in which your drinks will be served in a glass that only lets the aroma through, not the alcohol); hire a professional sommelier; or just pick a few cocktails from our selection to treat yourselves – it’s really up to you and your taste.

And if you want to do some karaoke, we have a separate corner for it (with amazing acoustics) – you can have it if you reserve for a private event. Moreover, you can also book an escape room depending on the size of the group. So, what do you prefer? Would you like to conquer the Wild West, or do you want to experience how it is to be locked In a mental asylum, a wizard school, a prison, or a spaceship? It’s all up for you to decide.

If you have a general idea of what you’d like to do, just fill in the form below – our event coordinator will send you a tailor-made offer:

csapatépítés budapest teambuilding
Neverland Budapest csapatépítés ital
csapatépítés budapest Neverland emberek beszélgetnek
Neverland csapatépítés bár étterem Budapest team building
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Neverland csapatépítés bár étterem Budapest team building
Neverland csapatépítés bár étterem Budapest team building