Team building Budapest – Unleash your potential with Neverland's activities and games!

Imagine a spirited team building in Budapest that every colleague cherishes as a sweet memory – even on the gloomy office days, accompanied by a strong cup of coffee.
Team building activities and games that you’d be happy to repeat anytime.

This is exactly the type of experience we’re offering. If you don’t want to go so far as white-water rafting, but you still prefer doing something a little more original than an awkward company dinner, Neverland is one of the best team building locations in Budapest. We can provide you with everything you need to find the right balance between a thrilling and a chill team building event, thanks to all the unique drinks, food, and escape games we have to offer.


Are you finding it hard to find team building location in Budapest that suits everyone’s tastes and preferences? Do you feel like the games you’ve tried before left your employees yawning, checking the clock, bored out of their minds? It can be hard for your colleagues to connect on a deeper level if your team’s creativity is stifled in uninspiring environments.

Fortunately, we’re quite sure that we have the appropriate solution for you!


We’re here to help your team bonding activities succeed in Budapest! Neverland introduces a one-of-a-kind package of activities that brings together the excitement of escape rooms, the delectable delights of a restaurant, the sophistication of a cocktail bar, and the exclusivity of a private VIP room and high-end spirit tasting experience.

Say goodbye to lackluster team-building events: Neverland’s offers are bound to leave your team inspired and reinvigorated!


Escape room group activities in Budapest, courtesy of Neverland: game on!
If you’re looking for something more interesting and original than the usual boring exercises, we can offer that. Check out our escape room games and choose the one that you and your colleagues would enjoy the most in Hungary!
You can even be divided into small groups, choose different rooms, and compete with each other. Who can escape earlier? You’ll have a one-hour time limit for each escape game!

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Gruesome, but fun team building in Budapest – Enter the Aztec catacomb escape room

Do you dare to enter the Aztec catacomb escape room? An ancient burial ground where you can catch a deadly disease and human bodies are sacrificed? Well, you have to if you want to find the healing crystal and save the sick.

Jailbreak escape game for your team building in Budapest

Nothing like a little jailbreak escape game to make sure your team building forges some lasting bonds during your stay in Budapest. I don’t know whether you committed the crime or not, but the judge thinks you did and now you’re behind bars. You won’t be there for long though…because you will be executed in an hour. Well, unless you can escape this room in time.

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Team building in an Insane Asylum – A crazy escape room in Budapest

Being in a rubber room is not so much fun, especially when you’re tortured. You want to grasp any opportunity to escape this room. Well, today is your lucky day since all the employees need to participate in an urgent meeting. You have one hour to get out.

Magical team building in Budapest: Wizard Trials escape room

Everyone loves the world of magic, which makes this escape room a popular choice for many team building activities in Budapest. But this magical world has a dark side as well. You will have to find the recipe for the dangerous potion before evil forces get their hands on it! That’s the only way to save the good wizards and their world.

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Wild West escape game for your group in Budapest – Grab the cash and run

The task is simple for this escape game in Budapest: grab the dough and run. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble, and you can be happy if you survive at all!

Escape from the Chernobyl reactor room during your team building event in Budapest

You know exactly what will happen if you don’t act. Right after you feel the explosion, you need to do something to escape the reactor room, otherwise, the whole of Europe will be in danger. It’s time to be a hero and save the continent from one of the greatest catastrophes in history.

team building Budapest
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Escape from a Schizophrenic Serial Killer for your team building in Budapest

One of the scariest and most adrenaline-filled escape rooms you can choose for your group in Budapest. Take off the black hoods and realize where you are. You are not safe. Half of the team is already missing. What happened to them? Probably nothing good. Try to find a way out before the killer comes back. Tick tock…time is running out.

Rob a bank for your team building event in Budapest

Neverland’s newest escape room is here! Work together to break into one of the most heavily guarded vaults in the world. Your goal? Nothing less than stealing Spanish state secrets. If you’ve seen the Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) series before, be prepared for a similar experience! Mazes, guards, state of the art defense systems stand in your way, but who says that should stop you?

Other team building activities in Budapest – What can Neverland do to make this one of the best experiences you’ve ever had?

Savor your team building’s success in our restaurant: culinary excellence in Budapest!

Could you escape successfully in time? Great, then it’s time to celebrate your team building in our restaurant. Bond over the exquisite flavors of our freshly prepared meals! Mexican and American-inspired finger food, main courses, and desserts await!

Raise a toast to team building unity in one of the best cocktail bars in Budapest!

A wise man once said: “If you manage to get out of an escape room in time, you deserve a drink, if you didn’t, you need a drink”. Enjoy one of the largest selections of gin tonics and signature cocktails at our team building bar in Budapest!

Elevate your team building’s networking in our private VIP room before leaving Budapest

Strengthen relationships in Neverland’s exclusive VIP room. Share stories, exchange ideas, and partake in spirit tastings, all in a refined and intimate setting. 

Besides team buildings – Other activities in Budapest

You are not looking for a team building location in Budapest but rather a place for your bachelor or bachelorette party? You’ve just found it. You can even book our private room for the occasion.

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