Team building

Imagine a spirited team building that – on the gloomy office days, accompanied by a cup of coffee – every colleague cherishes as a sweet memory. A team building that you’d be happy to repeat anytime. This is exactly the type of experience we’re offering. If you don’t want to go white water rafting, but you still prefer doing something more original than an awkward company dinner, Neverland is the right place for you. We provide you everything you need for a relaxing, chill event, thanks to all the unique drinks, food and events we have to offer.

Your next level team building games

Your team needs team building activities that are more interesting and original than the usual boring ones. We can offer that. Check our escape rooms and choose the one that you and your colleagues would enjoy the most. You can even be divided into small groups, choose different rooms and compete. Who can escape earlier?

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Gruesome Team Building in An Aztec Catacomb

Do you dare to enter the Aztec Catacomb where you can catch a deadly disease and human bodies are sacrificed? Well, you have to if you want to find the healing crystal and save the sick.


I don’t know whether you committed the crime or not, but the judge thinks you did and now you’re behind bars. You won’t be there for long though…because you will be executed in an hour. Well, unless you can escape.

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Insane Asylum

Being in a rubber room is not so much fun, especially when you’re tortured. You want to grasp any opportunity to escape. Well, today is your lucky day since all the employees need to participate in an urgent meeting. You have one hour to escape.

Magical Team Building: Wizard Trials

Everyone loves the world of magic, but this magical world has a dark side as well. Find the recipe of the dangerous potion before the evil finds it. That’s the only way to save the good wizards and their world.

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Wild West

The task is simple, grab the dough and run. Otherwise you’ll be in big trouble and you can be happy if you survive at all.


You know exactly what will happen if you don’t act. Right after you feel the explosion, you need to do something otherwise whole Europe will be in danger. Now it’s your time to be a hero and save the continent from one of the greatest catastrophes in history.

team building Budapest
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Schizophrenic Serial Killer

Take off the black hoods and realize where you are. You are not safe. Half of the team is already missing. What happened to them? Probably nothing good. Try to find a way out before the killer comes back.

What else can we offer to provide the best team building you've ever had?

Bar and Restaurant

Could you escape successfully in time? Great, then it’s time to celebrate in our bar&restaurant. You can have tasty meals and fine drinks in a not-so-commonplace environment.

Beside team buildings 

You are not looking for a team building place but a place for your bachelor or bachelorette party? You’ve just found it. You can even book our private room for the occasion.

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