A VR experience that makes you question what’s real and what isn’t


We had a bold idea and we hired a team of developers to build a VR experience never seen before (this means we’re the only ones offering it).

The action scene is available for two players, so text a friend, your significant other or your sibling to help you in this tight situation.

Can you escape the elevator shaft?

As you put on the glasses, you’ll be surprised to see a whole new world revealing itself (almost like a realistic dream). What we can tell is that you’ll find yourself in a very surreal situation (in an elevator shaft, to be precise), and your task is to escape.

No matter what you do, you’ll sense everything on your own skin. The task might sound simple since you „merely” must get out of a tight squeeze – however, you need all your resourcefulness to cope with this adrenaline-fueled mission.